Again and again

we see the optimistic statement:
“Making renewable energies more competitive than ever.”
It is true, BUT
Again and again it is neglected that energy must be produced at the same time as it is used.

But Batteries

Often we see that “Batteries will soon be cheaper”.
It is true. But “cheaper” does not mean “cheap enough”.
There is a long way to go and
Usually it is “forgotten” that the European grid handless an enormous amount of power.
Even using the most optimistic estimate, it will be impossible to pay even a fraction of what will be needed to keep the power on at a few hours Dunkelflaute (dark windless)

But connect Europe

Sometimes we are told that a strong net should connect the European continent.
Also here I am sorry to give some unpleasant facts.
Check the link above.

Considering the above,

I dare to say that “The Renewables” behave like parasites sucking the economy from “The Traditionals”.
– – – Demanding priority to the net and take the profit when nature is
– – – favorable.
– – – And, then later, taking it for granted that the hated nuclear should
– – – provide the necessary backup.
Let us face the facts.
Without fair play and without nuclear we will never get a reliable supply without pollution.

The Energy Collective Group

fremhævder at
black– Vi skal slå koldt vand i blodet.
Og at
black– Der ikke er plads eller ressourcer til den megen sol og vind.
Enda hævdes at
black– Der ikke er tale om en klimakatastrofe.