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Even in the debate on nuclear energy, it is hard to find so much misleading “Information” as in the debate on the deaths caused by the disaster at Chernobyl.
In the following I will try to make a summary.

  • When the disaster struck, I was in Tanzania where a friend of mine
    – a good English lady – followed the developments on TV – relaied from BBC.
    When she saw how the radioactive cloud slowly enveloped the whole earth, she went to her sleeping children to say goodbye.
    For now we will soon die all of us.
  • Also the Danish television remained determined to show the horror.
    Shortly after the accident you could hear that there were 1,000 killed and that on satellite photographs you could see the dead bodies on the streets and dead animals in the fields.
    It was added that it could not be ruled out that these figures would be much higher.
    A look at any ordinary Medical Manual would have shown that even if you get a lethal dose of radiation, it will take some time before you get symptoms and you will not ‘just’ wait to die on the street.
    It is still unclear how this, unfortunately not unique, “information” was planted in the media.
    (The total death toll from the disaster was below 50).

As usual Danmarks Radio had no need to go back to the truth.

  • Instead of giving factual information, shortly after the accident the public media “found” highly elevated levels of various forms of cancer.
    This should be seen in the context of cancer from radiation, as well as from smoking and asbestos, do not arise until after a “waiting period” (latency) between 5 and 20 years.
    Less for leukemia or thyroid cancer.
    Also this can be seen in any Medical Manual.
    – – Of course, this may be explained by that it soon became
    – – fashionable to explain all possible and impossible defects
    – – from radiation.
    – – And, of course, hope for compensation.
  • Numerous reports of horrific birth defects in children quickly gave column space for journalists who reported on many (nonexistent?) orphanages.

Here I will add that contrary to expectations, there has NEVER been found increased number of birth defects in children born to survivors of the nuclear bomb attacks on Japan, where there was completely different high emissions. See: http://wp.me/p1RKWc-ea

Of course it was not long before the media began to report on numeroous current and especially future deaths, mainly from cancer.

  • This should be seen in connection to experiences, mainly from survivors of the nuclear bomb attacks on Japan:
  • As time has passed and the survivors started to grow old, it has been possible to realize that ionizing radiation is a [very] weak carcinogen “. Source: BBC
  • Here it was discovered that survivors, who were exposed to 500 mSv or less, had no shorter life than the general population.
    – – 500 mSv as individual exposure will cause minor symptoms
    – – of acute radiation sickness, and is more than 100 times of
    – – what is normally allowed.
    Also this shows that, in contrast to the usual horror stories, the risk of later cancer is very limited.
  • Already in 2006 we could read the result of thorough, and hopefully honest, studies, showing that animals have performed excellently in the areas that have been declared as unhabitable to humans.
    In accordance with experience related to Radiation hormesis there has even been FEWER cases of damage (cancer) to the animals who have taken over the area.
  • And from The Guardian (2015)
    ”Wildlife Thriving around Chernobyl nuclear plant in spite of radiation”, you can get seemingly credible information.

Obviously: All this was “no problem” for the numerous scaremongers:

  • Greenpeace has been out with the following:
    “It is now more than 20 years since the Chernobyl nuclear accident that affected millions of people in western Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The disaster was the fault of a hundred times more radiation than the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    Today, over twenty years later, the nightmare continues for thousands of people. “

Even if you believe this and prefer Greenpeace as a source of honest information, you should try to look at http://wp.me/p1RKWc-mu

  • The record is probably reached with “information” about a million recorded deaths and seven million future.
    One is tempted to say that if we wait long enough, then we will be dead all of us.

Of course you will ask: How were serious scientists lured astray?

After the nuclear bomb attacks, lack of knowledge and a natural desire to be cautious translated into fear of future horrific injuries.
At the same time, it was made into a “law of nature” that future damage should be calculated from the LNT hypothesis that allows calculated statistical predictions.
Although recent data show that this hypothesis is clearly misleading,
Still the LNT is stil maintained stubbornly by “The Establishment.”


Although it is difficult to find data which is accepted by everybody, I dare to refer to den E-bogen STRÅLING OG HELSE, udgivet af Fysisk institutt, Det norske matematisk-naturvitenskapelige fakultet.
Mostly from this, I have the following
bla – In connection with the accident (mostly rescue-workers):
bla – Less than 50
bla – Later, as a result of radiation: Probably nil.
bla – Deaths following the forced, but mostly unnecessary, evacuations:
bla – More than 1000