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Climate change, which (probably / mainly) is due to global pollution with CO2, is a mega-problem that calls for many imaginative solutions.
The following is a solution proposal that might be realistic.

A bit technical

  • The earth’s temperature depends on a delicate balance between radiation from the sun.
    And the other way (long wave) radiance to the space. (Cold heat radiation)
  • Even very small changes in these two parameters will have a major impact on the climate.
  • White marble absorbs little radiance from the sun but has great radiance back to space.
    Old galvanized iron (corrugated iron sheets): Just the other way around.
  • Greenhouse gases (CO2) inhibit the radiation.
  • Ice in Greenland are predominantly white as white marble.
    While the sea is black like galvanized iron.
    This results in a dangerous self-enhancing effect.
  • The Little Ice Age and was (probably) triggered by a major
    volcanic eruption at Tambora in Indonesia 1815
  • Vulcanic eruptions in Iceland are claimed to be contributing to the French Revolution.

A couple of suggestions

  • Paint the roads white.
  • Spray the atmosphere with sea water up and get some white clouds.
  • And totally unrealistic:
    Drain CO2 out of the atmosphere – much – a few billion tons.

Climate Balloons

In order to avoid misunderstandings, I would like to emphasize here that I do not have the prerequisites for making a quantitative assessment of what I propose.
However, I would like to emphasize that even a very expensive solution would be justified if it could remedy a mega-big problem.


Hydrogen filled balloons that should:
– – – Operate in heights above the maximum flight altitude.
– – – Be white (on the top half.)
– – – Be as cheap as possible.
– – – Be able to stop the very small hydrogen molecule.
– – – Could handle the tough climate (radiation).
– – – Have a reasonable longevity.
Even a “micro meteor” will make a hole and let out the gas – slowly.

But not new.

Slightly negative comments.

  • Even a lot of power from sun and wind will never be able to cover more than a minor fraction of the world’s energy needs.
  • Even if we “in time”, 35 years ago, had got a lot of nuclear power, we would still be in trouble.
    But nothing in comparison to what we have now messed up with.
  • The proposal will not help in acidification of the ocean.
    However, it is argued, and justified, that more CO2 in the atmosphere will promote both agriculture and growth in forests.

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