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Radon, lung cancer and the LNT model
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  • Radon in homes: It is evident from this long paper that we can forget about most of the remedial actions for reducing the average radon level.
    This would save a lot of money for those involved.
  • Nuclear power: In the fight for reducing the CO2 release to the atmosphere, nuclear power could be a considerable contributor to the worlds energy supply.
    The world energy consumption increases annually by approximately 2 %.
    Also the use of fossil fuel with CO2 release increases.
    A significant contribution to halt and even reduce the CO2 release would be to increase the contribution from nuclear energy.
    It is a surprise to us that environmental organizations that worry about global warming – are not pro nuclear.
  • Reactor accidents:
    We have had two major breakdowns of nuclear reactors which both have been treated according to the LNT-theory.
    For both Chernobyl and Fukushima consequences have been calculated using collective doses and LNT.
    In Chernobyl a number of people were hospitalized with acute radiation syndrome and 28 died within 3 months.
    There has also been recorded thyroid cancer to children that was drinking contaminated milk (I-131).
    Altogether 11 deaths have been recorded.
    Whether these cancers have been caused by the Chernobyl accident is rather douptful since similar changes in the thyroid have been observed without radiation.

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  • Siden vi har brukt I-131 til medisinske formål uten å se en tilsvarende kreftforekomst, er det en utfordring for oss å få mer informasjon om de doser som er involvert.

Furthermore, the thyroid doses from I-131 after the Chernobyl accident have not been measured and they are very poorly determined.
Cancer deaths in combination with the reactor accidents are based on LNT.
No threshold and no hormetic region has been considered.
However, the most significant and serious decision taken after the reactor accidents in Chernobyl and Fukushima was to evacuate several hundred thousands of people.
The decision was taken based on the LNT-theory and the use of collective doses.
No attempts were made to compare the radiation level in the contaminated areas with the level found in the HBR (High Background Radiation) regions.
If such a comparison had been made, the most negative consequences of the reactor accidents could have been avoided.


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