I do not know why you came here.
May be I have too many interests

Nuclear Power

I dare to claim that we, in the so-called Western World, have cheated ourselves to believe that nuclear power is dangerous.
As a result it became unreasonably expensive.Love Nuclear
May be you should try to visit the following:
Greenpeaces troværdighed er en myte.
(In the Danish language)
or an English translation:
Greenpeace’s credibility is a myth.

Here you will find references to much more.

The reason for all my writings may be that every time I see something wrong or deliberately misleading, I make a post on WordPress, trying to give a proper answer.
Slowly it became quite a lot.
If you follow this link, you will have a chance to see how I try to correct some of the many typical mistakes if not deliberate lies.
The original Danish site is found on: http://wp.me/p1RKWc-1TQ

On a site from Søren Kjærsgård you will find a lot of interesting data related to energy, especially in Denmark and Germany.

Child Village

When, long time ago, I was in Tanzania I tried, and failed, to promote a very ambitious project for orphans.
I have started to rewrite the old notes.
If you want to see what I have done until now, then go to http://wp.me/p1RKWc-1TD
At least you will find a lot of what may be regarded as more or less “just drafts.”
It was my dream and still is my dream.

My self

If you want to see who I am.
At least I have tried to do something – Hopefully not too bad.
You can find a little on http://wp.me/p1RKWc-2h
Let us stop here.