Why are we afraid ?

After learning about the terrible damage from the nuclear bomb, and in order to avoid future use, we, quite natuarly, developed a fear of everything related to radiation.
It can be discussed whether this fear was promoted by the old Soviet as
a part of the general efforts to demonize USA and its allies.

Many examples show how fear of “the unusual” and especially what is not proper understood quickly takes over from logic evaluation.
Fx Giving this fear and the lack of proper knowledge, it is easy to understand why nurses dealing with X-ray examinations were at an age group where they would not get more children.

Whatever the reason, this fear was slowly, but skillfully, used in order to demonize everything related to peaceful use of nuclear energy.
On the internet you can quite easily find hundreds – probably thousands – of pages describing the danger of staying near a nuclear reactor.
The origin of this “information” is often obscure.
Some may have been mass-produced by Greenpeace, who have more whish for publicity than they have for facts.

But now – Even

From Der Spiegel I quote the following:
The scariest consequence is damage to the genome.
But for the body, even that kind of damage is not necessarily a dramatic event in the near term.
Every single cell experiences it thousands of times every day.
Often enough, the attack comes from inside: Cell metabolism creates aggressive molecules, so-called oxygen radicals, that continuously impair DNA.

Even Radiation Hormesis has been allowed out of the cupboard.
For more details: See here.
The outdated LNT-hypoteses for damage form radiation is dealt with on another page.