I wanted to study nuclear physics, but I did not dare.
May be it was too difficult.
But now I spend my time trying to promote nuclear power in the fanatic anti-nuclear Denmark.
Nuclear Research, firstThe picture shows Lise Meitner and Otto Hahn, both German physicists, at their experiments.
Trying to un-luck the secrets of nature.
They were the first to observe nuclear fission (splitting)
Lisie Meitner was a Jew.
She was so occupied of her work, that it was nearly too late to escape the death-camp.
Otto Hahn managed to bribe her way out.
In this way they were both able to leave
– – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – Germany in time.
Niels Bohr
The Danish scientist Niels Bohr understood that the old established physics did not apply at atomic scale.

Werner Heisenberg

Somehow, the German physicist Werner Heisenberg had a difficult life.
He spearheaded the Quantum Mechanics, but as a German, his loyalty was split.
The opinions are also split.
He went to the funeral of a Jewish college and refused to start lecturing with a “Heil Hitler”.
It is not known whether he promoted research in a German nuclear bomb or just pretended.
At least he failed.
After the war he was not able to remake the old good connections with Niels Bohr.

Erwin_Schrödinger_(1933).jpgSchrödinger_catErvin Schröndinger also had a penurious life.
It is claimed that he was hiking in the Austrian Alps with his girlfriend.
While she was unpacking the food, he crippled down an equation which became the basic element for what later lead to the Nobel price.

He is better known for the famous analogy about the cat – Being dead and alive at the same time.
Until we open the box and look.
Then, of course, we know.

Schröndinger Equation This is the famous equation.
At least the Nobel Price Committee could understand.
The Greek letter loking like at tree with three branches is something with waves.
The smaller something is, the bigger the waves.
The h with a little hat is something with Plank’s constant.
Plank’s constant is extreemely little.
As if it is not enough, it is dividend by 2phi
If you get hold of the book Mr. Thompson in Dream-land you will find a better explanation.
It is easy to read and with a really funny story.