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The evacuations at Chernobyl and especially Fukushima caused major injuries and many unnecessary deaths.

The tsunami-flooded reactors at Fukushima overheated and released radioactive materials.
Residents were evacuated from areas with more than 20 mSv/year.
– – —mSv is the usually used unit for the biological effect of radiation.
— – –And the natural background radiation is about 2 mSv/year.
This limiting doze (20 mSv/y) is well below what thousands of people have been exposed to every year through their lifespan.
To highlight the “over-safety” I mention that 20 mSv/y is some ten times less than the recommended limit set by IAEA
on the Danish web-site videnskab.dk it is explained that 1000 mSv per year will not harm if it is received evenly over the year.

A UN panel of expert scientists concluded that radiation caused no attributable health effects and likely none in the future.
Radiation killed no one.
But the evacuation stress did kill over a thousand.
Most refugees could have safely returned home.

Not only that:
Children from areas that were not evacuated got their childhood broken because of an agitated fear.
See Mor er der radioaktivitet i maden?
In my opinion, a heavy burden of guilt rests on the shoulders of Greenpeace and other scare-mongores.

How justified ?

Later it has been tried to give a realistic assessment of the evacuations using J-value or Justification Value.
The result was that 75 % of the evacuations at Tjernobyl and ALL of the evacuations at Fukushima could not be justified.

  • To round off the picture, it is mentioned that UNSCR has downgraded the number of “later deaths” at Chernobyl from about 4000 to “around zero


  • In the spring and summer of 1986, 116 000 people were evacuated from the area surrounding the Chernobyl reactor to non-contaminated areas.
    Another 230 000 people were relocated in subsequent years.
  • Currently about five million people live in areas of Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine with levels of radioactive caesium deposition more than 37 kBq/m2.
    Among them, about 270 000 people continue to live in areas classified by Soviet authorities as strictly controlled zones (SCZs), where radioactive caesium contamination exceeds 500 kBq/m2.

1 Bq is a radioactive decay per second and is a very small unit.
An adult human contains approx 4,500 Bq from natural sources.
Thus, after all, 500 kBq/m2 will turn out to belong to the “Small Things Department”.

Medical use of radiation

Therapeutic doses are high.
A rotating X-ray beam focused on cancer tissue delivers up to 80,000 mSv.
To minimize the risk of causing cancer in nearby tissue, radiologists divide the radiation dose into fractions, administered daily rather than all at once, giving healthy tissue time to recover.
If the Linier No Treshold hypoteses was valid, this fractionated radiation therapy wouldn’t work.

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