The tsunami-flooded reactors overheated and released radioactive materials. Residents were evacuated from areas with > 20 mSv/y exposure. (IAEA recommends > 220 mSv/y )

A UN panel of expert scientists concluded that radiation caused no attributable health effects and likely none in the future. Radiation killed no one.
But the evacuation stress did kill over a thousand.
Most refugees could have safely returned home.
Ikke nok med det: Børn fra områder, der ikke var evakuerede fik deres barndom ødelagt på grund af en ophidset frygt.
Mor er der radioaktivitet i maden?

Therapeutic doses are high. A rotating X-ray beam focused on cancer tissue delivers up to 80,000 mSv. To minimize the risk of causing cancer in nearby tissue, radiologists divide the radiation dose into fractions, administered daily rather than all at once, giving healthy tissue time to recover. If LNT were true this fractionated radiation therapy wouldn’t work.