The fear

After learning about the terrible damage from the nuclear bomb, and in order to avoid future use, we, quite naturally, developed a fear of everything related to radiation.
It can be discussed whether this fear was promoted by the old Soviet as a part of the efforts to demonize USA and its allies.

However without proper knowledge, this fear of radiation became widespread.

Many different examples show how fear of “the unusual” and especially what is not understood quickly takes priority over logic evaluation.
Given this fear and the lack of proper knowledge, it is easy to understand that e.g. nurses dealing with X-ray examinations were at an age group where they would not get more children.

Anti Nuclear

Whatever the reason, this fear has slowly, but skillfully, been used in order to demonize everything related to peaceful use of nuclear energy.
On the internet you can quite easily find hundreds – probably thousands – of pages describing the danger of staying near a nuclear reactor.
Not to speak about “information” and horrific pictures, showing deformed children after the Chernobyl disaster.
The origin of this “information” is often obscure.
Some of the many anonymous pages may have be mass-produced by Greenpeace, who have more respect for publicity and economy than they have respect for facts.

Next generation

Part of the human nature is to care for next generation – Our children.
Already after the nuclear bombing we were shown horrific pictures of misshaped children and after the Chernobyl disaster, there was a steady flow.
Soon we got to believe that most of all this evil originated from radiation and not from the parents genepool, or not just “bad luck”.
It is always nice to put the blame away from ourselves.

We got new information showing that there – unexpected – had been no more birth-defects after the nuclear bombing.
It was just brushed aside as “American propaganda”.


With the arrival of this technology, we got more knowledge and new fear.
Fear of the mystic and unknown – – – –
Designer-babies or terrible mishaps created by these evil scientists.

At the same time we got reassuring information.
From Der Spiegel (2016) I quote the following:

  • The scariest consequence is damage to the genome.
    But for the body, even that kind of damage is not necessarily a dramatic event in the near term.
  • Every single cell experiences it thousands of times every day.
    Often enough, the attack comes from inside:
  • Cell metabolism creates aggressive molecules, so-called oxygen radicals, that continuously impair DNA.
  • This and much more shows that the much feared genetic damage from radiation comes out to be nothing compared to the natural damage, which is easily repaired.
  • I dare to repeat: Not from radiation.

From, I translate and quote:

  • – – – This apparently simple mutation occurs 100-500 times in
    each of our cells every day and is responsible for about half of all genetic diseases, where the diseases are caused by a single defect in the DNA.

Actually, this will remove the veil around the unexpected lack of genetic damage seen after the nuclear bombs.

A some more

Of course I have written more in connection to this.
Radiation and cancer.
Here I discuss the old dogma that radiation will cause cancer.
About Radiation and Damage from radiation. (In the Danish language)
Here I have tried to give a summary of existing knowledge.
The Danish net-paper Ingeniøren, which usually try to be “politically correct”, writes that almost all of the damage from the nuclears attack was from the blast and
not from radiation.
much more in order to wash away some of the mud thrown on what should have been The only realistic tool in the fight against global worming:

Even a very difficult subject – again against the usual accepted:

Radiation Hormesis

Even Radiation Hormesis has been allowed out of the cupboard.
A bit rude, I repeat that the fear, once more, has been fear of ghosts.
Probably a fear of a ghost which – if prober tamed – could have been a vaccination against cancer – Almost.

With reference to what I have written on I dare
to say that the widespread fear of ghosts has stopped what may be a sort
of vaccination against cancer.

Therefore I ask:

– – Who is responsible?