My son Henrik and his wife visit my old house.
Legally it is still mine.

October 2016
A).png width=When I got the plot and build the house, the road was nothing but an improved mud-bath.

A7.pngBut sure, the house is not empty.
Neema, the daughter of my former house-helper (some say housegirl) takes on the nice clothes in order to great my son and his wife.
They came unexpected.
The lady in the background is the wife of one of Mama Neema’s brothers.
On the picture below you can see that my old (primitive) stairs are still alive.
Now, somebody called Mama Neema.
After I had left she is in charge of the house until my son has arranged to get it sold.
OK My son is big.
But Mama Neema has got strength and a mind for helping others.

The little boy is Neema’s brother and the other girl, I dont know.

Now Neema is big. When she came first came, she could walk upright under the table.
She can not remember me, but I remember her.
Her little brother, I have never seen – except on this picture.