Long time ago, when I was still not as week as I am now, I got a chance to show Tanzania to my family.
From left to right: My son’s wife Helle – Their two children Oliver and Julie – Me and my son Henrik.
In the background you may see the famous Ngorongoro Crater.
Far away you can see the other crater-rim.
It is the world largest Vulcanic Crater.
Now there is vegetation and wildlife and, of course: Turists.
5 af os med Ngorongoro som baggrumdLater you see my grandson Oliver, giving the speech at graduation from high school.
Oliver holder tale på skole 2012-06-27
From left to right: My brother’s wife Lone – Ny brother Poul and Me.
At a garden party in a corner of my son’s garden.
Poul, Lone og Thorkil 2012-06-29 på Skovvej
Almost all of my many good pictures were lost.
Probably, somebody hoped there was some “good pornographic”,

2012-07-04 Julie er tilbage. Møder Helle og Oliver