My father had a very diverse life.
Son of a very poor “landless farmer”, who had to accept any work, offered.
The family was very Christian in the old-fashioned way.
Suddenly, my father and two brothers was sponsored by the hated capitalist – the owner of a brick-factory.
Became a priest. Further studies in Germany just after the First World War.
Three years: The Danish priest in Shanghai.
Back and saw how everything had changed in Germany – even before Hitler took the power.
Denmark was occupied by the Germans, but was treated as we should be a friend.
If it had been known what my father did, I would have been an orphan.
Instead he became professor in theology.
After the war, he represented the Danish efforts trying to pick up what was left of the German church.
He tried to create a bridge between Christianity and Communism.
Already from his childhood, his stay in China, and seeing the misery during the two wars, he understood the evils of those who should support mankind.
When visiting me in Tanzania, he understood that also the Muslims should be our friends.
Now: Dead and almost forgotten.

My mother’s mother came together with a peculiar mix:
One worked as ordinary labor in the harbor of Hamburg until he had saved enough and ended as a bishop in Denmark.
Another brother joined a private high school in Denmark.
A sister became lecturer and was extremely “correct”.
Another sister became an artist, and worse: A Communist.
She just managed to be famous short time before her death.
Here I will add a little: Except for my parents, she had no other friends – but the other communists.
She died before the Soviet showed the ugly face in Hungary.
And then: My grandmother. She did what should never be done – she became divorced.

My mother started as a teacher, became married and got two children.
When the two sons had finished their studies, she studied psychology and had a good but short carrier.
Died from cancer – after cheating death twice.

After reading this you may understand why I am so “different”.