The Chicken-boy

At the secondary school in Ifunda (Tanzania) there was a boy, he had failed in everything.
Probably he had been admitted by a mistake at an office.

In the wisdom of the ministry, the school should have some chicken as a “self-reliance project”.
They came and nobody really bothered.
They found a house, to be the chicken-house.
Suddenly this boy “fell in love” with the chicken.
He got his bed moved to the chicken-house. To be sure they were not stolen.
The other boys brought him his food, so that he could eat in the chicken-house.
Now, when it was necessary, he learned to read the instructions for the chicken.
Even some arithmetic – Now it is part of the realities.

And in the proposed project

Sure: Some of the children would like to be “The Special Person” for something.

And a lot of other things, not forget to grow useful crops in the garden.