Expatriate Staff ?

If the proposed project will include expatriate staff, it will in my opinion create the following problems:

  • The salary, and especial “the hidden costs”, for expatriates will soon destroy the economy of the proposed project.
  • Even if the costs for the expatriate is fully paid outside the budget for the project, there is the risk of social strains from the terrible problem with “they have” and “we have not”
  • I have to admit, that I personally, have not been the best in this aspects.

Therefore, and also for economic reasons:

The staff – substitute parents – should preferably be widows and pensioners.
In order to avoid differensiating between ‘my children’ and ‘the orphans’: Preferably without home-going children.
As far as possible, including the professions mentioned below.

  • Ex teachers.
  • Ex nurses.
  • Ex agricultural Experts.
  • At least one person with skills and experience as an accountant.

In the African tradition elderly people has natural respect.
And the salary they will need will be within the limits of the project.

It should not be the duty of “The Substitute Parents” to do manual work.
Their duties should be to distribute work and solve disputes.
Of course also: Give advice and help for practical solutions.
Most important: Give comfort to unhappy children.