Life without some entertainment will soon be too boring.
Much too often I have seen how entertainment is just drinking and letting wife and children stay home with nothing.
Before I try to explain, I will tell what I witnessed when I worked at Ifunda – long time ago.

  • Somebody came with a little van.
    He put a bedsheet up between some trees.
  • A lot of people turned up – also children.
  • In order to keep power for the generator, the car-engine was kept running.
    And the film was shown – – –
  • The man coming was very skilled:
    When there was ordinary sound (shooting and horse-riding),
    he used the sound-track from the film.
    When there was speaking, he shifted over and spoke in Swahili.

Unfortunately, it was first and only time I witnessed such a success.

What I would suggest

  • Once a week, probably Saturday, have a film.
  • Invite “The Locals” to come.
    It will create goodwill and hopefully some gifts or help to the project.
  • Once a week, say Wednesday: A short disco with a little better food for the children.

What you will need

– Solar panel.
– Battery.
– Inverter (12 V DC to 220 V AC)
– Computer (preferably stationary)
– Projector.
– Screen. May be only a bead-sheet.
– A contact providing films (disks or even collected on a hard-disk)
– One person to be in charge.
Although some of these items are rather expensive, I think the money will be well spent.
Only the projector is truly expensive and will not have other use.

A little more

  • Once, in Nairobi, I was in an ordinary (old-fashioned) cinema.
    The film was not too bad.
    “The hero” in the story was a black man together with some Europeans.
    Wow! How people enjoyed this!
  • Based upon this I will ask the contact providing the films to try to find something like this.
    It should be possible to find something in USA or England.
  • On the Kenyan TV, long time ago, there was a good series with two boys and their families.
    The “leader-boy” was black. His mother was well dressed – The father had died in Vietnam.
    The other boy, and his family, they were white and a little more ordinary.

Why only that few times?

Children’s Participation

A lot of good, funny and easy stories can be performed by the children.
It will be nice for the children and may provide entertainment for the local population, who thereby may help the project.
As a scout I, together with the other scouts, performed in what we called sketches.
I still remember a few and two of them I performed in Iringa and the audience enjoyed it.


  • It should be possible to get some literature or hints from different scout-organizations.
  • Some good stories can be found in “The Arabian Nights”.
  • Even Odyssey’s travel and other like this may be told and sometimes preformed.
  • OK: It must be amended.
  • Also the old stories from Grim’s collection of old German folks-tails are good.

My grandmother told us some of this and I have retold it to my own children and later to some of the children in my care.
Great success.

And then

If you get clever enough, you should try to get it recorded and shown at drinking-places and what not.
May be you can create some support for the project.