Stagnant Water

In the fight against malaria, first priority should of course be given to eliminate potential breading-grounds for mosquitoes.
Probably one or two children should go round to find and eliminate stagnant water and/or give a drop of kerosene.
It should be done, probably two or three times a week.
All of us know and few take action: Abandoned used auto-tires is the worst.


If you ask me, the best would be if the project will get professional help, say once a month.

Detecting and treating Malaria

It would be a major advantage if one member of the staff has a microscope and can analyze blood samples.
The same member of staff should take care of necessary treatments.

Cooperation with “the locals”

If the project can provide investigation and treatment to others, it will not only reduce the risk of minor epidemics, but also bring help to the project.


It has been claimed, that the smell from chicken will deter the mosquitoes.
Personably I think it is worth trying.