Very soon you sart to speak about keeping animals.
If you want to keep chicken, I think you should keep away from the “day old chicks” you can buy almost wholesale.
The locally bread chicken are not as productive, but more healthy in what may be a harsh environment.
The guineafowls may even be better.

Whatever you do: Make a big chicken-house with a door to close at nighttime.
Guineafowls should have the feathers on one wing cut in such a way they can not fly away and will feel at home at the chicken-house.
It has been done succesfuld by residents in Dar es Salaam.

But whatever you do it will take some (long) time before you can start to eat them.

goatI had a lot of troubles with goats.
Either they should be kept in a rope or they will destroy your bananas and what not.
If you have a goat-farm you will need a prober building, fencing and proper care.
It will be outside the scope of the proposed project.

rabbitRabbits will need proper cadges or a proper fencing.
Also the small shall not get out.
If they get out, there is no end of the problems.
On the other hand rabbits bread quickly and can utilize green left-overs.
Even banna-trees and the similar.

Cows are associated with prestige, but will need more care than you can expect in the proposed project.

Some of the children should have it as a special duty to take care of the animals.

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