Without being able to show solutions to the many outstanding problems if Land Rent / Tax is introduced, I will only mention a little about how to fix the value of the property.
With major amendments the following may be a guide:

  • The owner / occupier will specify the value. And pay (land) rent accordingly.
  • BUT he should be willing to give up his right of occupation
    – actually sell it – to any person offering, say 50 % more.
  • Still he should have the possibility to reevaluate the land / the property to an even higher value – say the double of his previous evaluation.
    Of course also be willing to pay land rent / taxes accordingly.

This should primary be used for larger estates (or properties in urban areas)

  • In my opinion there should be some exceptions. At least for smallholders who have stayed on the land for long time.

However, it may be the best tool for evaluation and taxation of ordinary properties such as expensive urban houses and even factories.

Cuba – Fidel Castro

As far as I remember, Fidel Castro nationalized American properties and payed compensation equal to the value as it was declared by the owners.
Of course, this declaration was at an (extremely) low value, allowing for low taxation or better: Tax-evasion.

Feed back

As some of the above is my own “invention” – somehow.
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