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Already as a student, I was very interested in physics and thereby also
– perhaps especially – in nuclear physics and applications.
Later it gave me the necessary background to penetrate, just a little, behind the much being written – and gossiped – about nuclear power.
Unfortunately, I had to conclude that (deliberate ?) erroneous “information” occupy the bulk of that found in the media – both the electronic and the physical.

After having left Africa and got the time I began to think and write – first a little and then more and more.
The result of my efforts shown below.

For the record I emphasize that I am open to objections and, of course, will try to correct errors – including spelling errors.
Write to thorkilsoee@gmail.com

Greetings and Happy reading!
Thorkil Søe


http://wp.me/p1RKWc-cM Nuclear what is wrong?
Here I try to wash away some of the mud that has been thrown against this form of energy.
Nuclear energy should have been the cornerstone of an attempt of getting cheap and reliable energy without polluting.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-LC The waste problem is not a problem!
Only the pollution from fossil fuel is a problem.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-DC Thorium
A little more details.
Thorium has been trumped as the future energy.
Probably it is right, but it should not be the excuse for delaying “traditional nuclear”.
We should mot wait until it is too late to save the climate.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-1TM Three Mile Island
It turned out that there were paid compensation for loss of earnings due to compulsory, but unnecessary evacuations and apparently almost the same to the lawyers.
But there was no harm to people.
The nuclear development and thus the environment suffered.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-Dg Chernobyl
An attempt to go a little deeper behind the many roomers.
Apparently, aspiring journalists have collected money for not existing orphanages.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-1is Chernobyl deaths
I have tried to counter some of the many pieces of (deliberate ?) false information.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-yI Fukushima
It is necessary to go a little deeper in order to look behind the numerous false claims.
The real disaster, apart from the many deaths from the tsunami, was the pollution following the panic closure of well-functioning reactors.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-6e Radiation Hormesis.
An attempt to evaluate the many data showing that moderate exposure to ionizing radiation is beneficial – almost like a vaccination against cancer.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-ea No genetic damage from radioactivity!
Another, also taboo subject.
Here, I write about the false claims about serious genetic defects in children born to parents who have been exposed to very big doses of ionizing radiation.
Yes there are no realities behind the horror-stories.
Even children born to survivors of the nuclear bomb attacks.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-1uK Dirty Bomb
A German journalist comes home after a (voluntary) stay with the Islamic State and explains how IS are in the process of developing material for a radioactive tsunami.
However, without explaining how.
Both the Korte Avis (a Danish net-paper), the Danish prime minister and President Obama have apparently jumped on limed twig – shortly.
Everything looks as an attempt for an April Fools Joke.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-94 Risk and Return Period.
Opponents of nuclear energy find it difficult to assess the result of serious and rare events.
OK – it may be difficult.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-1iq Cancer and Radiation
There is very little correlation between Cancer and Radiation!

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-ec Radon and more.
On radioactivity and the many misleading pieces of “information” in connection with the claimed pollution of the ocean.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-1tN Contaminated Areas
Countless of times we are meet with the assertion that large areas will be uninhabitable after an accident at a nuclear power plant.
The earth is heavily polluted, partly as a result of the denial of nuclear.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-Du Radiation sicknes.
An attempt to summarize existing information.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-dH Greenpeace.
About how most of us have been duped by false arguments against nuclear power and GM crops.
Also, a little on demonstrations and defectors.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-mu Greenpeace and nuclear power.
A section in connection with the above, but only about nuclear power.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-Dd Greenpeace and GMO.
A section in connection with the above, but most about GMO.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-qB The red line.
Originally intended as a continuation of the above.
We can not avoid discussing the latest developments, where it will soon be possible manipulate with human genes.
For good and bad, but i will come.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-1tc Smart Grid.
Showing how we apparently overlooked opportunities to utilize market forces to stabilize the grid.
Maybe written out of a desire to have an honest pricing.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-11F Germany.
An attempt to summarize the (hopeless) German Energiewende.
More about “Dunkelflaute” (Dark windless): http://wp.me/s1RKWc-90

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-11D Why is nuclear power so expensive?
I have tried to analyze the reasons for the large price increases at European nuclear power.
We can hardly “see the rear wheel” of the development in Russia, Korea and China.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-1lF Linearity No Threshold.
A historical assessment of this outdated condition.

http://wp.me/s1RKWc-14I LNT.
A humorous, yet realistic explanation of the implications of this premise.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-IE Check the facts.
An attempt to counter some of the outrageous claims that flows out of posts, mostly on YouTube.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-96 Demolition and disposal.
It need not be expensive and difficult.
However, if one wishes, an expensive option will also be possible.

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-Th Insurance of Nuclear
Opponents argue that the insurance will be prohibitively expensive.
The reality is something else.
(In Danish)

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-14s Back to reality
A few of the typical objections and my answers.
(In Danish)

http://wp.me/p1RKWc-1jH Green Energy
Enormous economic interests are associated with being labeled green.
Apparently there is a long line of industries wanting to greenwash their technology.
What about nuclear power?


http://wp.me/p1RKWc-2h My blog
About myself and my somehow confused background.

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