First it must be realized, that very few children who can be helped by the proposed project.
Obviously it will only be a drop in the ocean.
It can even be argued, that the project will be a failure if support for future duplication will not be available.

The Dilemma:
In many aspects of life, it may be argued, that a demand for
THE PERFECT will destroy the chances for THE GOOD.
This dilemma is the reason for the following discussion, which may easily be regarded as unfinished.

The too perfect, as seen in some prestigious, but well-intentioned projects, will easily give the children a false start in life.
The perfect is where you, for instance, provide beautiful uniforms, first class accommodation, fully qualified teachers etc.
Unfortunately it will drastically reduce the number of children who can be helped.
The good is where all of us would like to aim, if the situation was not desperate.
The just good enough will probably indicate a situation, which is better than the alternative, which is “nothing”.
The just survive will be when some good and well-meaning people ocationally come with some basic foodstuf.
If – as sometimes seen – these people come in a good and expensive car, it may be worse than nothing.

An illustrative example

From memory I tell the following:
When presenting a study about appropriate methods for construction of roads and the topic “Shadow Prices”, he – I have forgotten the name – came with a sample of different shoos.
He brought all types of shoos.
– Ballet shoos.
– Shoos for the cold vinter.
– Rubber boots. And
– Sandals made from old tyres.
He asked the logic question:
“What is the purpose of these shoos?”
He had brought examples covering the whole spectrum:
From “The show off – See how rich I am” to the essentiel: “Protect your feet”

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