fliesFlies are everywhere and we can not stop it.

But we can reduce it

Here I will refer to experience by my uncle.
He, as so many others, had a farm and a lot of flies.
Once he got a visit from the “Government Adviser”, and he got the following advice:

When you put out the manure from the cows, take care that it is covered by new manure or a layer of straw, before the eggs or the larva are ready to come out and be new flies.
I think, it was three days.

Sure it helped.
But still, there was some use for the
The trick is to deprive the flies of their breeding-ground.

Actually, he made a trap. A breeding-trap:
The flies thought they had found a good place for their eggs. And – – –

Now at this project

Take care of the toilet and all waste from the kitchen.
You will soon see the result.

Manure from the chicken will be dry and the flies don’t like it.
And if there are eggs or larva, the chicken will just eat it.