It will soon be the wish to get solar-panels and in this way electric light.

The technology is advancing and the costs are going down.

Therefore the following may very well be outdated before it is written.
The following is an essence of what I have seen, heard about and tried myself.
And especially what I think could be done within the tight budget of the proposed project.—————————————————————solar-panel

  • Care must be taken that the solar-panels are not “lost” in transport or storage.
    (Some solar-panels for a DANIDA-project in Dar es Salaam were quickly stolen.)
  • When I considered getting solar-panels in Dar es Salaam, I realized that the local prices were unreasonably high.
  • On the internet you will find a lot of different offers.
    Some small and cheep. Intended for camping. (12 V)
  • Batteries, as car batteries, are not really suitable for staying long time before being recharged.
  • Batteries based upon Lithium are, just as car batteries, too easily “lost”.
  • Without having proper knowledge, I suggest that you search on the internet and also look for AHI batteries.
    It is claimed, that they are durable, and that they are so heavy that they will not just disappear.
  • energy-saving-bulbIn Dar es Salaam, I had a 12 volt “energy-saving” bulb.
    They are available at a reasonable price.

Somehow I am of the opinion that solar panels, batteries and electric light should be limited to the “Headquarter”.

There you may have proper control of the material. inverter
It will soon include an inverter (12V DC to 220 V AC)
Note the heavy wires for connecting to the battery.

Just a little from The old engineer:
If you use 12 V over longer distances, the wirering will be too expensive.
Still, if you can get some (very) low-rating power-saving bulbs, it may be possible.
I think that 220 V will be too dangerous.
Probably: Keep electricity for the headquarter.

But time is changing – rapidly

Some time ago you could get some extreemely smart small solar panels with a battery and the light bulb.
All in one very little unit.
I do not know more – may be it was only for a short time PR

See also a little more on another post: Entertainment.
After deciding upon this, you may need to reconsider everything.

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