In attempt to gather knowledge, I visited the SOS Children’s Village in Zanzibar.
According to official information, all of the children should be orphans with no suitable possibility for family care.
I quote from one of many internet-pages:
We provide orphaned and abandoned children with loving family homes.
(My underlings)

I came personally and unannounced.
The school was almost empty.
A kind young lady from Switzerland told me that the children were home on vacation by their deceased parents.
The wording “deceased parents” burned a big hole in my hard.
A hole, that will never heal.

The buildings were unbelievably good and fine. Almost luxurious.
Bedroom, Dining-room, Sitting-room and a kitchen where the “substitute mother” did all the cooking.
When I mentioned, that it would be difficult to afford more similar projects, she said:
“No – and it is probably the best. The kids will be accustomed to a life they can not continue when they leave the school.”

But later I was together with, what was a VIP-person.
He represented the Danish donors to the SOS Children.
He came to inspect the same children’s village and was officially received by a crowd happy children – Now again orphans.
Children, who thanked for the help with songs and performances.

Sorry to say:
He was, and probably remains to be, what is called: ‘A useful idiot’.
(I could not and would not discuss with him.)

Again, and much later, I discussed with a friend. An African ex. UN.
He told me that he had worked in Lesotho.
Before taking the post, he had been assured that his children obviously could join at the International School.
Unfortunately, there was a 3-years waiting-list!
No Problem: You can get your children to stay at SOS – There: It is even free.
It came out that ALL of the children in the SOS-village were closely related to ministers and the like – “It’s life.”
When a European member of the staff reported to the European headquarters, he was deported.

In spite of all logic and statistical evaluations, I still say

All of this is somehow “long time ago”.
I really hope something has changed to the better.

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