It has been argued, that the two very bad examples I have seen about misuse at the SOS-child-village projects are the very few contrary to the rest.
It is the reason for the following:

If you have a bag with say 200 balls and you randomly take out two balls, both of which come out be red.
Then it is hard to convince me that the rest of the balls, or the majority of the balls in the bag are blue.
And it is difficult to say that it was nothing, but a strange coincidence, that you came to choose just two, out of say five, that were red.

Similar: Too many times I have been met with the argument that:
“Now it is better.
——-Your example is old.
————–It is not valid any more.”

It has not only been in connection with the project I try to propose.
But much too often:
Even an old example. – It still came out to be valid.

Still I hope to be wrong

But we must not close our eyes.