During my National Service I saw the enormes advantage using paper blackboards.

Paper Blackboards
What is usually written on the blackboard was written with greasy colors, on sheets of paper hung on two nails.
(It was before the felt marker-pens were cheap. What I call greasy colors was what was, and still is, used by children)

I want to stress, that the paper used was just cheap ordinary paper.

All the teacher should say was written with pencil in such a way, that the teacher had his notes where he needed it.
It could not be seen by the students – a little far away.

If you later want to correct something we just glued some new paper to cover the old mistakes.
You will not need some special glue. It may be good to deluite the glue you buy with water.

Especially it was useful because we taught the same several times and often used what is called unqualified teachers.

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