Termites will be found everywhere.
The only thing you can do, it will be to reduce the risk of attack and detect them when they start to come.
I have written a little very useful book:
“Stop Termite attacks to Buildings”,
but it is not that relevant for the project I would like to be more than paper (and electrons).

Before I got sick and had to leave Tanzania, I realized that
used engine-oil is a very efficient tool.
Probably, it will not kill the termites. But it has an awful smell and the termites will keep away.

  • I impregnated / painted a plank with used engine-oil.
    It was left in the garden and, contrary to other pieces, it was not attacked.
  • Once I saw a hole in the floor of a chicken house.
    A lot of soil came up from the termites under-ground construction work.
    I poured in some (much too much?) of this dreadful stuff.
    It stopped the advance.
    At least temporary.
  • In this way I think it should be used, tested and, if possible.
    I will make an addition to my booklet, which I hope to make available on the internet.
  • It you see the termites build a tube up the wall, I suggest you brush down the upper part and give just one drop of the engine oil down into the tube – just above the ground.
    I have had no chance to try. Now I ask you to try what the old and sick man could not get done.
  • Doorsteps, doorframes and whatever you use of wooden material in contact with the soil should be treated / painted and monitored.
    For doorframes it may be enough to treat the “bottom part”.
  • Don’t leave mattresses, clothes and ‘what not’ on the floor for more than a short time.
  • If you don’t have poles in the walls, it is very unlikely that the termites will find their way up to the roof.

Good Luck