I think I was rather successful in my fight against rats.
In Tanzania you can buy some awful black powder as rat poison.
I failed to get it as wholesale in Nairobi.
In Denmark it is not allowed because it is too crural and dangerous.

And now

The rats like very much to get groundnuts (peanuts / karanga)
and of course peanut-butter. (Karanga sagga)

  • I mixed this black stuff with peanut-butter and put it on toilet paper.
    Only very little and only one piece of toilet paper.
  • Do not put enough for several rats, because when a rat realizes that something is a poison, it will urinate on it to worn the other rats.
  • My (almost) daughter told me that she had put it under her bed.
    In the morning she found the dead rat on the floor.
    It had no time to get home.

And this proposed project

  • Try to monitor the usefulness and see how little the rats will take – and still die.
  • If you have thatched roof, I will advise you to put some of this awful stuff up into the roof.
    It they get a chance, the rats will make their nest in the roof.
  • Here as for other “special items” I think that one child in the proposed project should be in charge as “The rat hunter”.

For other reasons I made some peanut butter using an old-fashioned meat-mincer.
But take care not to put too much in the mincer!
It is not as strong as it looks.
And you may be too strong!

Good Luck

May be

Sure you don’t like to have dangerous poison just laying ‘here and there’.
A possibility may be to have pieces of pipe some four cm diameter and say 50 cm long and have the poison laying inside for the rats to go in and run out.