If you want the untrained teacher to teach simple aritmetik, it is my strong opinion that you will get maximum efficiency by using the two tools described on the following links.

Pupils Blackboard

In order to avoid misunderstandings, I will mention, that
– One of the staff should store both the Flash Cards and
the Pupils blackboard.
– At least in the beginning, one of the children may be
the “Flash-Card teacher”.

In my opinion the schools – also in Europe – has too much “Just learn it” and much too little Understanding.
If you want to promote true development it is very important that the children from the very beginning start to understand.
And of course learn to do some reasoning.
As you get forward and start to prepare the “paper blackboard”, please have this in mind.

An important part of the “understand” contrary to “learn and memorize” is proper use of the Metric system.

Here I take the liberty to mention how some of the boys at Ifunda Technical Secondary School were disapointed, when i told them that one tone = 1000 kg
Please, I have used a lot of time to memorise that it is 2240 pounds.

Or to say it in an awful way:
Africans shall be trained.
Asians shall learn.
Only Europeans shall understand.