Karen Gormsen

Around year 1900 a Danish nurse Karen Gormsen came to Manchuriet in order to be a misionary.
Much more than 100 children, mostly girls, got a good start.
For more see http://wp.me/p1RKWc-1Up

And the same, but very different.

Patric v. Rensburg

A white South African, Patric v. Rensburg returned from work in Zaire (now Congo)
He returned home, just after the Shapwille Massakre and spoke his mind against the government.
He and his wife just escaped to Botswana, where they established a
“self-help secondary school” and later the Brigades, where boys could learn and use a specific trade.
For more see http://wp.me/p1RKWc-1Ur

These two outstanding projects have, no doubt, been an inspiration to me.
And should be an inspiration to others.

The SOS-village

Unfortunately I feel it is necessary to mention the project: SOS-villages.
I have no doubts that the SOS-villages have had a huge positive impact on the life of very many children.
I am sorry to say, that the little I have seen were very bad examples.
Therefore I hope that the writings in the link above, represent “past mistakes”.

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