Some time ago “Language Lab” was the fasion.
In the following I try to describe what may be a very efficient “Micro Language Lab”

In wanted to help a girl to learn English and was lucky to get a special tape-recorder from Philips in Holland.
(The girl was some 8 years old.)

On one of the two tracks on the casettes, you could hear the teacher’s input and later compare with what you yourself said that could be heard on the other track.
Really smart.

The text, with pictures was unbelievably good and needed no explanation.
The pictures were simple “line-drawings”.

The girl used it “all wrong”.
She did not start with the beginning and did not match with the text.
Still she learned English in “no time”.
OK: She was clever and motivated.

Later, when I wanted to use it in another context, it was impossible to get similar.
Philips in the Netherlands would not hear of help.
Even I think “something was rotten” – somewhere.

It could be described as a micro-language lab, and in my opinion it should be re-invented.

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