It is my strong opinion that there should not be special buildings to be used, only for religious purposes.
If somebody will offer funds for such a building, I think it would be the best to say:
“No – Please use the money for better food or more children.”

And, if children or staff will demand special buildings for worship:
I think the answer should be: Find another place.

Surely, some children and staff will need to have some sort of religious service.
– Friday for the Muslims.
– Sunday for the Christians.
But it should be possible to sit under a tree or on a veranda.

Similarly, it should not be necessary to get a special Iman or Priest to come and do the weekly service.

Finally, I want to quote a catholic priest in northern Kenya.
Not too far from Somali.
He was in charge of a little orphanage for children left alone after the religious civil war.
When I asked how it was to teach religion (Christianity), he answered:
“No – I take care that the children will be good Muslims. Sometimes I get help.”
“I do not want their parents to lie in their grave and think about anything else.”
– – – BUT Do not tell it in Rome.