The Danish nurse Karen Gormsen came to Manchuria 1906 in order to work as a missionary.
After some time as a nurse and a midwife she slowly started, what made her known as an outstanding person – Not only in China.

Life in Manchuria was harsh, there were not much energy left for more than “just survival”.
Out of necessity unwanted children, mostly girls, were left in the mountains to be taken by the wolves.
She took one of these children as a foster child and soon it grew to be more than 200.
With her clever diplomacy it “survived” the war and the Russian occupation.

However the “cultural revolution” turned out to be a disaster.
1949 she was forced to leave China.
In 1980, 20 years after her death, she was rehabilitated.
A Chinese neighbor in Tanzania, when learning that I was from Denmark, told me that he knew Karen Gormsen.

What is not mentioned in the Danish language reference above is that she got the main part of her economic support from the “Indre Mission” in Denmark.
The members of this religious grouping were the poor part of the rural society and it can be assumed, that everything was as cheap and efficient as possible.

May her spirit is what is needed in Africa

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