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Description Indications Assumptions
Principal Goals 1 Expansion of the project
Better childhood and better 2 Better quality of life and Alternative 1
future for orphans hope for the future for a Positive evaluation
in Tanzania large part of the Future support from
orphans in Tanzania donors
Immediate Goals 1 Better childhood and better 1 Better nutrition and Alternative 2
future for 100 orphans health Very positive evaluation
2 Establish a society where 2 Better education and Very good response from
these orphans can receive results of education donors
necessary support 3 More self-respect
3 Demonstrate how 4 Existing co-operation
co-operation and in family groups is 1 Children and staff work
self-reliance will create maintained together for the common
self-respect and economic 5 Active self-reliance goal
efficiency 2 No major negative
Results 1 100 children will get a good 1 Buildings, infrastructure discussions
start for their future life and agricultural
2 The value of the project can activities
be demonstrated 2 Few “drop outs” 1 Pioneer-spirit is established
3 Education within the project 3 The children have got and maintained
4 Support for extensions can useful knowledge 2 No larger negative discus-
be sought locally and Sources: Reports, tests, sions and/or complaints
internationally interviews and inspection about economic
Activities 1 Small scale ChildVillage is decisions and/or spartarian
established conditions of life
2 New family-groups are
3 Locally recruited adults 1 Motivated staff can be
(pensioners and widows) recruited
are activated 2 All staff understand that
4 Children getting self-respect even a moderate use of
and hope for their future luxury will destroy the
5 Education within the project children’s understanding of
Inputs 1 Necessary site for buildings self-reliance
and agricultural activities 3 Children applying for
2 Basic foodstuff participation are fully
3 Material for education aware that support from
4 Equipment for the project donors does not guarantee
5 Equipment for children and a life in luxury
staff 4 Support from local and
6 Staff (mainly pensioners and national authorities
widows from Tanzania)

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