Usually it taken for granted, that a project like this should include a car.

Here I will strongly argue against:

  • A “project car” tends to be misused because the human mind will say:
    We just take “THE car” and it is difficult to refuse.
  • If there is no “project car”, it is necessary to get “A car”.
    In this way everybody can see the costs involved.
  • It can be argued, that a sick child may die if there is no car.
    My answer is:
    Yes: It may happen, but more children will die if the resources are (mis)used for a car instead of expanding and helping more children.
  • Long time ago a practical man form Denmark gave the following statement at a seminar:
    If you want to destroy a good cooperative.
    Then give them a car/pickup.

What then?

Long JohnAlthough a bit expensive, I argue for using a “Long John” bicycle.
Such a bicycle can carry a load of
50 kg and go on “roads”, actually only a footpath.
It is available second hand at what may be called a reasonable price.
In connection with this I want to mention that in Vietnam, the Americans were defeated, partly because the Vietnamese guerillas used bicycles.

Of course:
It may be realistic to have an informal agreement in order to know where to go.
IF it is necessary to rent a car, when needed.

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