20 million children without parents –
We can make the difference.

In 10 years time 20 million children in Africa will be left without parents and some of them with a hopeless future. We can not just let it happen. THEREFORE:

You have entered the homepage for what we have called ChildVillage.
Here you will find the description of a project in which we will combine self-reliance and low costs in order to reach as many as possible of the children in need.

Please read – you will see the beginning of a road to the future. We can provide some light in the tunnel.

The CHILDREN, they are the future, and they need help to be able to help themselves.

This proposal for a project will show you a new way forward. – Probably the only way if we shall help more than just a few children and if we shall start a true good spiral.

Very short: The key to success and to help for more than just a few is:

  • Provide total help before the children have lost contact with the positive aspects of life, their siblings and the positive quality of the modest African tradition
  • Let us be careful with our resources. And also: We should not spoil the children in a life of luxury

We need your help – not only for money – but also for good advices.
Read our proposal, make your judgements and give us your valuable comments !!

Thorkil Søe

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