As part of my compulsory national service I taught at the Navy Action Information School.
First of all I realized, that I should have been a teacher. But now, being an engeneer, it was too late.
And it came out that it was not too late.

Here I learned a lot of tricks.
But especially I saw how you can be a good teacher without “proper teachers training”

The school

We were:
– Two “proper officers”.
– One “petty officer”
– Two conscript civil engineers, including me.
– A secretary
– Three low rank on contract (constables).

All of us had no “teachers training” except a 30 minute film about bridging the gap of ignorance.

Most of the exercises can be compared to the dictation we have in school.
The men (the pupils) should learn to plot the radar messages and calculate cause and speed for the targets.
We had a tape recorder standing on the catheter.
In this way the teacher could go around and help where it was needed.

Paper Blackboards
What is usually written on the blackboard was written on sheets of paper hung on two nails.
All what the teacher should say was written in pencil so that the teacher had his notes where he needed it.
A few details see: See here.

Everything was planned so that an unprepared teacher could take over in reality only knowing where he should start.
Again and again we made small corrections / improvements to the material.

We had a good team and were proud of our results.

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