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For reasons not understood, energy from sun and wind is labeled as “Permanent” (vedvarende)
At the best it is a mistake.
Using available technology there is enough nuclear energy for
more than 100 years.
Using technology under development, there will be enough for
several 1000 years
If / when fusion-energy is harnessed:
Then there will be enough until the earth is swallowed by the sun as a read giant.

Energy from sun and wind insist to use a false label.
Similar it was a false label, when the old East Germany was called “German DEMOCRATIC Republic”.
Outside DDR the country was often called “The So-called.”

Sun and Wind are not “Permanent” (Vedvarende)

Australia Considers Banning Wind Power Because It’s Causing Blackouts.
“We already seem to be reaching limits with respect to intermittent electricity supply.
The US Energy Information Administration may be reaching the same conclusion.
It was the issue by Steve Kean from Kinder Morgan (a pipeline company) as its keynote speaker at its July 2016 Annual Conference.
He made the following statements about renewable energy.
This view is very similar to mine.
Few people have stopped to realize that intermittent electricity isn’t worth very much.
It may even have negative value, when the cost of all of the adjustments needed to make it useful are considered.”

Stikket trækkesSoon it will be necessary to disconnect.
Sure you know!

The graph below show prices for electricity in Europe related to installed capacity of power from sund and wind.
Although the graph is interesting, it should be noted that the prices given appear to be “Consumer prices” and not “Cost of production”
The countries marked with red are countries with “economic problems”
Pris for EL versus installeret VE.png
Further I want to mention that “Installed Capacity” is somehow misleading if not considering the “Utilization Ratio”
(Produced power divided by theoretical maximum available)
Wind Denmark: 25 – 50 %
Wind Germany: les than 25 %
Sun Germany: about 18 %