It can not be avoided

and we should not ‘just’ close our eyes and neglect the facts.
It is the reason for the following.

It is my opinion that mankind – all over the world – tend to do more for the dead than for the living.
Sometimes, spending so much for the father’s funeral that there is no money for food for the children.

When I die – – – – –

May be it is regarded as too extreme – BUT
When I am dead, I will be reused – if possible – as spare parts for the living.
Thereafter, what is left shall be made available for training and/or research.
Finally, everything not used, will be cremated and the ashes be deposed anonymously at a special lawn where other people like me will – – –

In connection with the proposed project

As far as I am able to judge it will be necessary to demand:

  • Children and staff will be buried at a funeral place at the project site.
  • If a cheap coffin can be made “by ourselves” it may be used.
  • Otherwise it is just as respectful if the late friend is buried in a sheet or similar.
  • If transport to “home” or an expensive coffin is preferred, it should under no circumstances be at the expense of the project.
  • Before joining the project, both staff and children should be told and accept these conditions.

ligkisteFrankly spoken: It is a foolish way to – – –
Better plant a tree.