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Scientific studies have shown that the substance that has the CAS number 7647-14-5, cause cancer in rats and pigs; 160g will kill a human and there are examples of death after ingesting a small dose of only about 50g.

Worst of all are this substance is found in many foods and in nature and it can often be detected in groundwater! Politicians ignore as usual the problem and you are even considering using the drug as a coolant in the new Gen IV reactors!

The symptoms are terrible:

SEVERE Toxicity: Restlessness, seizures, depression, coma, hypotension, and respiratory arrest.

Acute ulcerative gastritis has been reported.
Hypernatremia and hypochloremia, with associated fluid retention, and the potential for pulmonary and cerebral edema can occur.
Hyperosmolarity of cerebral fluid may lead two cellular crenation and irreversible neurologic damage.

Experiments in pigs showed a horrible death:

In pigs, early signs of toxicity result in thirst, pruritus, and constipation.
Affected pigs become blind, deaf, and oblivious to surroundings; they will not eat, drink, or RESPOND to external stimuli.
They may wander aimlessly, bump into objects, circle, or pivot around a single limb.
After 1-5 days, intermittent seizures Occur with pigs sitting on haunches, jerking ITS head backward and upward, and finally falling on chronic-tonic seizures and opisthosomas.
Terminally, pigs can lie on their side, paddling in a coma, and die within a few to 48 hr.

CAS 7647-14-5 is also harmful to aquatic life and is known to kill fish and insects.

Unfortunately, I have no links from YouTube or other questionable sources. But the US National Institute of Health describes the toxicity of this chemical here:


The question is whether one should regulate this kind of dangerous chemicals like we do with radioactive radiation? I refer to the linear no-threshold (LNT) model.
As you probably know goes LNT model out of that we know something about how much radiation it takes to kill a human, but we do not know how dangerous small doses, and it would be unethical to experiment on people to gain this knowledge.
Therefore, we assume that all doses proportional harmful and draw a straight line from 0 up to the lethal dose to estimate how many people die in smaller quantities.

For CAS 7647-14-5 we know that normally 160g will kill a human, BUT we know cases where only about 50g can kill. As a precautionary measure, we assume here that 50g is killing one person.
By using the LNT model we find the following interesting statistics:

1) If a person eats 25g there is a 50% chance of dying.
2) If a person eats 1g there is 2% chance of dying.
3) If 1000 people eat 50g together, ie 0.050g per person, one person will
3) die.
4) If 1000 people eat 50kg over 10 years, we expect that all 1000 people
3) die.
5) If 1000 people eat 50kg during one hour, we expect that 1000 people
5) die.

To learn more about the LNT model, you can read it here:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linear_no-threshold_model http://www.yourhealthbase.com/radiation_and_cancer_risk.htm

The question is what to do about this problem.
Eg. I know that there are several tons of this substance in Copenhagen harbor !!
If we use the LNT model, we can see that one ton killing 20,000 people and even a few milligrams are harmful (no dose is safe!)

Do you think we need a couple of billions to clean up the harbor of Copenhagen?

Humor may be seen on this site, but everything is based upon facts.

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