As usual we see the optimistic statement:
“Making renewable energies more competitive than ever.”
It is true, BUT
Again, it is neglected that energy must be produced at the same time as it is used.
Electricity is the most perishable object to be found.

Strong European Net
supporting 100 % wind

Sometimes we are told that a strong net should connect the European continent.
Also here I am sorry to give some unpleasant facts.
Data for European wind power the first half of 2017:
– Offshore wind capacity 14.0 GW
– Onshore wind capacity 145.5 GW
– Maximum yield from wind 75 GW February 22:
It is easy to calculate the capacity factor for the “Record Day” February 22nd.
– 47%, just not impressive.
Of course, you cannot keep the heat on using electricity that was produced last month.
On the “Minimum Days” the European yield was 20 GW (From the diagram)
– Giving a capacity factor of 12.5%
As a consequence you will need an enormous number of redundant wind turbines and a hell of a lot of cables connecting the continent.
Ref: An absolutely pro wind site: Wind Europe – –

My conclution

Considering the above, I dare to say that “The Renewables” behave like parasites sucking the economy from “The Traditionals”.
Let us face the facts.
Without nuclear we will never get a reliable supply without pollution.