Alexander the Great

More than 2000 years ago the Greek king Alexander the Great set out to concur the world.
According to probably unreliable sources, he and his men were almost stuck in a desert without water.
It is told that a soldier came with a bowl of water for the king.
But just before drinking – he saw the eyes of the men.
He then poured the water out into the sand saying “There is not enough for all of us – let us go on and find some more.”
The men got the mental strength to go on.
They found water – enough for all of them.

General Rommel

In more resent time, the German general Rommel did not shy away from the danger and the hardship.
With very limited resources he was a very succesfuld general.
Although he committed some war crimes, it was much less than others.
He was greatly admired by the men. So much that Hitler eliminated him as a danger to the last years of his dictatorship.

Vladimir Putin’s mother

And: Just the opposite.
From guaranteed unreliable sources:
The Soviet leader Vladimir Putin got a visit by his old mother.
He showed her his glorious office in Kremlin, his dacha in the forest and the summer retreat at Crim.
Finally the old mother said:
– – – “Yes, my son, you have done it well.
– – – If the read could get hold of you, they would have you shot.”

Unfortunately I compare to – – –