My present is not that interesting, but in the past I have had a somehow interesting, and, with a bit of luck, I even think a useful life.
I have seen and experienced a lot – also learned something, hopefully not too much wrong.
When I look back I can see that I have produced some useful student-notes.
It is my hope, that some of this may be useful for further generations of students and, may be, even teachers.

My lost dream

I wanted to study nuclear physics, but I did not dare.
May be it was too difficult.
But now I spend my time trying to promote nuclear power in the anti-nuclear Denmark.

Nuclear Research, firstThe picture shows Lise Meitner and Otto Hahn, both German physicists, at their experiments.
Trying to un-luck the secrets of nature.
Lisie Meitner was a jew.
She was so occupied of her work, that it was nearly too late to escape the death-camp.
Otto Hahn managed to bribe her way out.
In this way they were both able to leave Germany in time.


This blog is only in the beginning of being brought into a suitable shape. Still I have the hope, that something may be useful.

Links to some student notes

All of these booklets may be copied freely for private use.
If copied for commercial use, proper acknowledgement should be given to me and to the University of Dar es Salaam.

Link to a lot of writings about nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy – What is wrong?
Greenpeace’s credibility is a myth.
And much more.
In Danish:
In English:

From my time in Tanzania I have the following:
Orphans in Tanzania:
Project for efficient use of available funds.
Proposed but abandoned. (Incomplete)
In relation to this, I can not avoid saying:
“Those having plenty are the last to help those who need.”

I have always been interested in efficient education and hope to bring some of my old work forward.

Curriculum Vitae (My past)

Name Thorkil Søe
Born 1930 May 27
Address: Brogårdsvej 60 – 307 DK 2820 Gentofte
Telephone: +45 5117 1936

1949-54 Technical University, Denmark. (M. Sc. In Structural Engineering.)
During my time as a student: Member of the voluntary Home Guard.

1954-56 National service (Navy.) – First Lieutenant 1956
Thought at Action Information School, Copenhagen.

1956-62 Working for different consulting engineering companies in Denmark.

1962-67 Lecturer, Sen. Lecturer at Danmark’s Ingeniørakademi, Copenhagen.

Tanzania1967-69 Teacher at Ifunda Techinal Secondary School, Tanzania.

1969-74 Lecturer, University of Nairobi, Kenya.

1974-78 Sen. Lecturer, University of Zambia, Lusaka.

1978-87 Sen. Lecturer, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

1987-89 Wood-Bamboo Division. Ministry of Water, Dar es Salaam.

Now Retired.

Sometimes I wonder: The only good I have done in Africa may be helping some children.
They had no other chance, but to stay by me.
But 300,000 would have knocked on my door – If they could get in.
I tried, and failed, to do what should have been done – By others.

My live after university

My late wife Tumpale

TUMPALE ved   Hus
My “Matchbox-house”

Late 2016 my son Henrik and his wife Helle had a holiday at Zanzibar.
But they had time to visit what is left of my old house.
You can find some pictures here.

Of course I have to show my Danish family.

My daughter is married in Germany.

And what I dare to call “My Tanzanian Family”

Although my parents had an interesting life, I have no pictures – yet.

In the beginning my school was a clear disaster.

More about myself


Teknisk Ståbi
10th to 12th edition. 1954-69 (300 pages)
This is the standard reference book for Danish Civil Engineers.
Original authors were Kurt Olsen and C.G. Jensen.
12th edition, totally dominated by my work, was printed 1969, 2 years after leaving Denmark.

Technical Drawing for Civil Engineers. 1970, reprint 1984

Mwenzangu Beams and Frames. 64 pages formulae for structures, 1979

Stop Termite Attacks on Buildings.
53 pages, 1982 and 1983 By international standards, probably the best practical work on the subject.

Details from Steel Structures. 67 pages, 1982

Yield Line Practice 93 pages 1984

Sheets in Reinforced Concrete Design. 50 pages, 1978 and 1982


Kabelbeton i Husbygning. 1983 June in INGENIØREN, Periodical for the Danish  Society of Engineers.

Critical Revue of CP 1110
(Flexible approach to difficult calculations.) Engineering Institute of Zambia. 1976 April in the Journal of the Engineering Institute of Zambia.

Internal Unpublished Research:

Wind speeds and Appropriate Wind-loads in Countries near the Equator.
Biogas for The University of Dar es Salaam.
Structural Use of Round Untrimmed Poles.


All former colleges and students in Denmark and in Tanzania.


Mother tongue: Danish
Very good: English
Can communicate: Kiswahili (Verbally only)
Poor: German

Personality Traits:


Natural flair for teaching.
Problem-solver, ability to see possibilities and potential chances for solutions to untested problems.
Quality-oriented. Empathetic, extrovert and emotional.


Dyslectic (word blind) difficulties in spelling and reading.
Perfectionist, too critical in relation to own work.

CO2-fri energi.png

Special Interest:

– Teaching and tools for teaching.
– Children’s right, especially in developing
– True Sustainable Development.
– Sustainable energy using nuclear power.

My Present Situation:

Thorkil ved bord 1 2012-09-16

Now being old and, measured by Danish standards, almost pennies, I stay in a very nice one room flat in a so-called protected home where the City Council of Gentofte supports people like me economically and even try to give me a meaningful life.

Thorkil og rullator

By grace of the fate I am still strong enough to take care of my self, go shopping and I also do my own cooking.
Anyhow, I need a rollator in order to get around.
Thorkild og søn ved postkassen

As a sort of useful occupational therapy, I helped my son in a little post order enterprise.
You can see a little more on
In the season, I did the packing and posting of incoming orders.

As it can be seen from the above-mentioned, I am in favour of nuclear power, which I claim should have been used as the major element in reduction of the looming climate changes.
Further, at the same time, providing cheap and reliable power and heating.

Additional I am member of
blank– Atheistisk Samfund
blank– REO (Pro Nuclear Power) and
blank– the political party Det Radikale Venstre (somehow both centre
blankleft and a little centre right).
It is where the otherwise uncommitted man feel fairly close to the ideas brought forward.
Of course, I am very interested in what happens in Africa, especially East Africa.
Unfortunately interests and good wishes will do very little.

My substitute for a religion

An Indian college told me that according to his god (Zarathustra)
God is all-good, but not all-mighty.
Therefore he asks us to make the world a little better.

You can contact me at:
Brogårdsvej 60, DK 2820 Gentofte (Just north of Copenhagen)

A messy collection of private photos can be found on